This is a message from the CEO of HostNexus/AtomicVPS, the hosting provider for PJMCO.

Patrick Michaud has informed us that he is no longer able to continue with the operation of PJMCO. His account has been unpaid for a long time and we have kept his services online as he has been a client of ours since 2002. However, Patrick told me that he would be winding things down and communication has now ceased. We would like to extend an invitation to all PJMCO clients to join HostNexus/AtomicVPS directly. We will honor your current billing schedule and we can migrate your data from the PJMCO server and all you'll need to do is change nameservers.

If you would like this easy transfer option please email us at with "PJMCO" in the email subject and tell us about your hosting account - how many domains and when you last paid and we will recommend a suitable plan and get you moved. You can also submit a ticket directly by clicking here. Please feel free to browse our Shared Hosting Plans and Reseller Plans.


Laurence Flynn